How We Can Help Your Business Succeed

Super Size Your Sales is a stunningly effective marketing strategy that combines the power of the written word with skilful telephone technique to rake in more customers.

This strategy is comprehensively detailed in the book Super Size Your Sales (on sale at this site) and we have a full range of programmes and services that tie-in.

These fall into five categories:

Business-By-Phone: telesales, telemarketing and call centre operator training provided by Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man. (See more details below.)

Online and Offline Marketing Communications: copywriting of websites, social media, brochures, media releases, sales letters and all other marketing materials, plus search engine optimisation to get you to the top of Google. Provided by Lynnaire Johnston, Word Wizard. (See more details below.)

Super Size Your Sales: combining business-by-phone and copywriting in a structured campaign to boost sales. Provided by both Matthew and Lynnaire.

Database Marketing: a programme that turns former and inactive customers and clients into lucrative revenue.

Conference and Seminar Presentations: both the Telephone Man and the Word Wizard are accomplished conference, seminar and workshop presenters. They work both individually and together.

All programs and services with a telephone component are ideal for companies of any size which have staff who do some element of business by phone.

Services provided by Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man Matthew Mewse the Telephone Man

      • Training courses, workshops and seminars tailored to the needs of your telephone calling staff
      • Individual and group training
      • Database marketing programmes
      • Calling campaign development including scripts and training

For more information email Matthew.

Services provided by Lynnaire Johnston, Word Wizard Lynnaire Johnston, Word Wizard

  • Copywriting for websites, social media, SEO, publicity, advertising and sales
  • Training courses, workshops and seminars in basic writing, copywriting, and social media, especially LinkedIn

See the full range of services at the Word Wizard website or email Lynnaire.

To find out more about how to combine the phone and the pen to rake in new business just email us.