Database Marketing

Turn Your Customers Into Cash!

  • Do you have a database of past and current clients you haven’t been in contact with for a while?

  • Do you know (or suspect) they’re a great source of additional income but can’t work out how to turn those names into cash?

  • Are you spending big money trying to attract new customers and missing the opportunity to upsell to existing customers?

Earn more money in your business by super sizing your salesA Super Size Your Sales marketing programme will turn names into cash while improving how customers feel about your business, which increases loyalty. Plus, your business will remain top-of-mind with your customers.

It combines regular, professionally presented phone calls to your existing database with a high impact quarterly client communication that offers special deals, and gives customers useful, relevant information they wouldn’t easily find elsewhere. This is an important aspect of the programme because research shows that communicating with customers regularly dramatically increases sales success.

This customised customer communication programme:

  • Enables you to book appointments and qualify new sales opportunities.
  • Highlights additional services or products your customers may not know you provide.
  • Fixes problems – if a customer has a problem they may not share it with you, but they will tell a third party. If you don’t know a problem exists, you can’t fix it.
  • Keeps you at the forefront of their minds – it’s easy for customers to forget you, especially when a competitor comes on the scene. This programme keeps you top-of-mind.
  • Saves money – if your marketing activities are not producing results, you can stop wasting that money because the results of this programme can be seen and measured.

2 Ways to Implement the Super Size Your Sales Programme

  1. We can work with you to develop a customized program that is unique to your business and builds on your existing database. Your in-house team makes the calls and we train them in effective telephone technique so you don’t have to outsource. This programme is highly cost-effective and once calling begins you will see immediate results.

    The business book, Super Size Your Sales, helps you to make more sales in your business

    The book, Super Size Your Sales, will show you how to combine the power of the phone and the pen to increase sales.

  2. You implement a Super Size Your Sales programme yourself after reading the book, which you can buy on this site.

What You Can Expect After Putting in a Super Size Your Sales Programme

Mining your database could create an extra 20% increase in sales. Who wouldn’t want all that extra revenue?

Turn names into cash – immediately!

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