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Cold Calling Rules!


Cold Calling Rules! New book from Super Size Your SalesCold calling has changed. The techniques that once guaranteed success no longer work as well. But a properly conceived, well executed cold calling campaign can still be hugely successful!

This e-book will show you how to adapt the changes in technology and market forces to a modern cold calling campaign to gain advantages that have never before been possible.

The Telephone Man’s 3-step process will guide you through how to prepare for cold calling, what tools you can use in your research, tips for writing a script or call guide, and how to deliver it in a way that gets results.

Easy-to-read, A4, printer-friendly format.

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Super-Size-Your-SalesWe all want more sales. We want more business and we want more people to say “yes”. But talking to customers – in writing or by phone – is fraught with danger.

It is so easy to confuse or alienate people simply by using the wrong words, the wrong approach or the wrong techniques.

But Super Size Your Sales will show you how to overcome these problems and have customers pouring through the door.

Written by Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man, and Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, Super Size Your Sales shows you how to combine the power of the pen with skillful telephone technique to increase sales. Read More.

This A5-sized e-book is just US$9.95.

Super Size Your Marketing Communication

The book, Super Size Your Marketing Communications, gives you 9 key strategies to get more from your marketing.

Super Size Your Marketing Communications, 9 proven ways to get better results from your marketing, written, by Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, shows you how to communicate better with clients to improve your sales success. With 9 chapters, each detailing a different format, this e-book will get your marketing communications up to speed very quickly.

With tips and ideas for all types of businesses, Super Size Your Marketing Communications is a must-have for any business owner or marketing professional wanting a good basis in effective marketing writing.

Read More.


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