Super Size Your Sales: the book

Learn How to Combine the Power of the Pen with Skill on the Phone to Improve Your Sales

Cover of Super Size Your SizesIn the business book Super Size Your Sales we show you step-by-step how to combine the power of the written word with the skill of business-by-phone calls.

In this book we reveal:

  • The importance of dovetailing the written word with telephone calls
  • Top tips for working on the phone
  • How to write a sales letter that gets the phone ringing
  • How to overcome objections on the phone
  • How to combine the written and spoken word to create a master marketing campaign
  • How to craft telephone scripts that have business romping through the door

This is a must-have book for any business owner or manager, marketing manager or call center manager looking to improve their sales results.

Read about the authors – Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man and Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard.

What’s in Super Size Your Sales?

Part One – Telephone overview  

Telephone technique is a speciality skill but it doesn’t take long to learn a few formulas that will increase the number of times you hear “Yes” or achieve other outcomes you’re seeking. Whether it’s on-call selling, customer care or even a quality appointment you’re trying to achieve via the phone, the tips and ideas throughout this book have been proven to work time and again. When backed up with well-crafted written words for follow-up or ice-breaking, you will soon outstrip the results you were making do with and overcome any fears that were preventing you from picking up the phone.

Part Two – Copywriting overview

Every company or organization, large or small, needs the written word. It doesn’t matter whether it sells the best products or service in the world, if no-one knows about it, your company will hit the skids. And the vehicle by which customers learn about what you’re offering is the written word. Whether it’s an email, website, brochure or sales letter, companies communicate through words. If they are using the phone to get the message out or not, companies need written communications and marketing material.

Part Three – Copywriting 101  

Most companies are losing money because they don’t bother to learn the basics of constructing and producing a half-decent piece of communication. This book teaches you the basics of copywriting so your company doesn’t fall into the same trap. You will also learn to create a sales letter that is read and acted upon by your prospects and clients, instead of being binned unread.

Part Four – Skilful telephone technique

In this section of the book Matthew explains in specific detail the basics of how to deliver information on the phone, how to close appointments, how to handle customer complaints, how to create a telephone script and how to overcome objections.

Part Five  – Putting the phone the pen together

By combining the techniques you have learned about the phone and the written word, you can create a powerful marketing strategy that is hugely effective. This chapter shows how to do that while demonstrating additional techniques not covered in the earlier sections. With this knowledge you will be able to build campaigns that have business flooding in the door.

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