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Free Tips and Ideas on How to Improve Your Telephone Skills

Downloadable resources from Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man

10 Quick Telephone Tips

Telephone tips that will improve your handling of every type of telephone call.


Cold Call IntroductionsHow to Create a Cold Call Introduction

The Telephone Man shares the secret of creating an opening statement that gains the attention of GOOD prospects.


What's Your Name?How to Get a Prospect’s Name During a Cold Call Without The Barriers Going Up!

A foolproof way to ensure you always know the right decison-making person to deliver your presenatation to.


Answer phone messagesTired of Hang-ups Instead of Messages?

Persuading people to leave a message on your answer phone can be tricky but these tips from the Telephone Man will increase your rate of success.


How to use power words on the phoneHow to Use Power Words on the Phone

Power words can make a very real difference to your telephone presentation when used in the right way.


Learn the basics of customer database marketing for sales success. Do You Know Your Customer ABCs?

Learn how to segment your database so that you can market successfully to all your customers.


Stop Quotes and Proposals Going “Black Hole”

How to always get a response to quotes and proposals from prospective clients and customers.


answer phone message call-backsGetting a Response to Answer Phone Messages

How to persuade people to call you back when you’ve left a message.


appointment close calendarHow to Close Appointments on the Phone

This article shows you the very best way to close an appointment on the phone.


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