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How To Get More Responses When You Leave An Answer Phone Message

On a general sales call, my recommendation is not to leave a message on a business answer phone unless you have no choice. You see, if that business is alive and kicking, sooner or later someone will answer the phone. And when they do, you can begin engaging from scratch and your call will be prepared and primed so there are no surprises.

But, has this ever happened to you? Out of the blue, your phone rings. It’s the prospect or customer/client ringing you back and responding to your message. What if you’re not in the office, or you’re in the car, and what if you don’t have their history or notes on-screen right there, right then when they call? It can cause the start of the call to sound rather clunky as you ferret around, gather your thoughts and tread water to search for the information to make the call work. That’s why it’s always better to be the call originator; it keeps the shoe firmly on your foot.

However, it’s the modern world and with smart phone technology it may not feel right to call several times and not leave a message. Because, when a prospect or client sees 3 or 4 missed calls on their phone and no messages left, it can appear like desperation. Or, even worse, they begin to imagine what the call might be about. This can put them off returning your call or at least shuffling you to the bottom of the “to-do” list.

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Leaving an effective answer phone message

If you have to leave a message, here are four key points to help you get more returned calls.

  1. Be prepared. You know before you even dial the number there’s a chance you might have to leave a message. So have an effective statement ready. Know what you’re going to say before you make the call.
  2. Remember – it’s a machine taking your message. Machines have no emotions and you need to lift your voice slightly as though you were talking to a person standing next to you. Make your message warm and enthusiastic.
  3. Slow down when you leave your details, especially who you are and your phone number. There’s nothing worse than having to re-listen to a message several times just to get the name or number of the person who left it.
  4. Make your message interesting, even slightly provocative. Here’s an example you can adapt and develop for your own situation and style.

“Hello Peter, it’s Matthew Mewse, The Telephone Man calling. Peter, I just wanted to touch base with you today about an idea I need your feedback on and advice about … please can you give me a quick call when you get a moment.“

In this example, you’re creating interest, asking for an opinion and generating intrigue.

These four main elements will get more responses when you leave answer phone messages in business and other types of calls as well.