Power Words

Power words

How to Use Power Words on the Phone for Greater Success

I was asked recently if there were any special words or tricks a caller can use to increase interest and gain even better results when seeking business by phone.

There sure are! These are called power words and there are quite a few that can make a really positive difference during your presentation.

They are NOT just words.

Every day we’re bombarded with phrases, throw-away words and sales jargon that just don’t seem to mean much anymore. But sometimes, old-fashioned expressions or well-used but forgotten statements still have real meaning to us and to our prospects.

Mind you, so many modern customer service slogans seem like candy floss. “Have a nice day” … oh please, like they really care! Or “How are you today?” … now they want to check my health!

But there are still words that do have real meaning. When you use these words in the right context and deliver them with skill they will create a positive impression in the mind of your customer, prospect and even your friends and family.

Here are a few examples of power words and some ideas on how you can use them.

“I Understand.”

These are two of the most powerful words you can ever use on the phone especially if you’re dealing with budget expenditure, cost or objections of any kind. You can use them in any type of conflict or even handling a disgruntled customer. Tell them … I understand. Do you know how hard it is to argue with someone who understands you have a problem? Here are just two examples:

I do understand you have a budget to manage Peter, and we try to have something to suit everyone’s pocket … I have another idea for you to consider …
We do understand and appreciate you have a choice with providers, Peter, but I wondered … when you open your bill each month, do you ever feel like you’re paying too much for your present service?

“I Recommend…”

This is incredibly useful for suggesting that a prospect take some action or agree to see you in a field visit situation. It’s great if you already have a business relationship with the customer or prospect because they trust your recommendation even more. When you recommend a course of action – read a mail-out or even visit your site, for example – it can leave a real footprint in a prospect’s mind.

Well, from what you’ve told me today Peter, I recommend you visit our website because there’s every chance we can save you some money on this type of product when you re- order.

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Promise and Promised

These two are fantastic power words for referral introductions. They are also very powerful if you are promising a delivery or service, or even promising to call someone back at an agreed time. It allows you to open the return call with:

Hello Peter, it’s Matthew calling you back … as I promised I would.

If you keep your promises you are a good person to do business with. Here’s a referral introduction that works for me and the people I’ve trained to use it nearly every time:

Hello Peter, my name’s Matthew and I was talking with Paul Smith last week and … I promised Paul I would give you a quick call today …

There are many other power words that work very well on the phone and if you begin to incorporate these few with the suggested techniques, you’ll find they make a real impression.

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