Super Size Your Marketing Communications

 What do you want?

  • More customers or clients?

  • More sales from your existing customers?

  • A stronger relationship with your clients?

  • An improved profile in the market?

Whatever you want for your business, the book Super Size Your Marketing Communications can deliver!

Super Size Your Marketing Communication

Super Size Your Marketing Communication is an ebook, delivered as a PDF.


By giving you “9 proven ways to communicate with clients”. And explaining in a clear and detailed way how to go about it.

These 9 methods are not new. Each one is a tried and tested formula for making connections with clients at a level that speaks to them personally.

For example, how often do you receive emails trying to get you to buy the latest and greatest widget, software or app?

And how poorly are these emails usually written?

Do they convince you to buy? Probably not.

But what if you had at your fingertips all the tips and tricks for writing great emails that got you results? Wouldn’t you want that information?

Of course, you would. And Super Size Your Marketing Communications delivers exactly that and more.

We’re the first to admit the title’s not sexy. That’s because we only want people who care about how they communicate with clients to have this knowledge.

It’s not rocket science, either. But we’re willing to bet there’s heaps of information in it that you simply don’t know or don’t put into practice.

Because the funny thing with communication is that it has to be regular. And it has to be convincing. Which means it needs to be well done.

Any time you contact a client badly, you could be losing business. For instance, if there are lots of mistakes in what you write (we all forgive the odd one or two, but more than that and your credibility will take a dive) your client will switch off. And your relationship goes with it.

The result? Client 1. You 0.

Every time you contact a client – via your website, email, or flyer – you have an opportunity to impress or distress. Because, make no mistake, any time you send a client material that portrays you in a poor light you’re asking to be struck off their supplier list. And often that will happen without you even knowing why.

Communicating well is not just a matter of error-free copy, however. You need to be sure you’re hitting them where it hurts. In other words, showing you understand what keeps them awake at nights and offering solutions to help them sleep peacefully.

You also need to know the different formulas for each style of communication. You don’t write a web page the same way you write a press release. And an email is not the same as a flyer.

Different formats require different approaches – and Super Size Your Marketing Communications tells you how.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • How to write an attention-grabbing headline: page 9
  • How to put together a successful flyer or brochure: page 33
  • Which social media platforms work best: page 89
  • The key ingredients of a successful website: page 100
  • What never ever to do in a sales letter: page 82
  • When to use publicity: page 59
  • Whether you should you have a newsletter? page 47
  • Insider tips for writing advertorials that will have clients stampeding through the door: page 29
  • An action checklist to make your website work harder: page 124
Buy now for just US$5.95.

Here’s what one reader, Stella Nicholson owner of Be Paid Limited, says of Super Size Your Marketing Communications:

The sub-title “9 Proven Methods for Communicating with Clients” implies just 9 ideas for improving your business contact with clients but I would be very surprised if you did not get hundreds of pointers to improve your total marketing package from this book.  

It’s one of those books you read once and then read again and again and find something that resonates each time. 

Nothing in this book is hard to put into practice and it all makes a lot of sense so why haven’t we done it before? Possibly because it was not written down for us in such a clear, concise and useable way. No excuses now!  

I highly recommend this book for all small business owners and managers who just need that little push to make the most of great communication in their business. 

You’d normally expect to pay upwards of $75 for this level of detailed, actionable information. But because we want as many people as possible to learn these techniques we’re offering it for only a fraction of that.

It’s an e-book, delivered to your inbox as a PDF, so there’s no delay while a hard copy wends its way to your mailbox. You can immediately start learning techniques that will catapult your sales into the stratosphere.

5 reasons you should buy Super Size Your Marketing Communications

1. Learning how to communicate effectively is a key to developing long-term, rewarding relationships.

2. Lousy emails, websites and brochures leave money on the table – money that could be in your pocket.

3. Your company’s reputation will suffer if shoddy communications are being sent out on your behalf.

4. People judge others on how they communicate. How do your clients judge you?

5. If you don’t communicate well, you can be sure your competitors will be!

Buy your copy of Super Size Your Marketing Communications today for just US$5.95 and immediately turn around the way you communicate. And, if you buy Super Size Your Marketing Communications you’ll get a copy of Super Size Your Sales absolutely FREE!