Top 12 Tips for Better Business Writing

Top 12 Tips for Better Business Writing


pen iconKnow who your audience is and what you’re trying to achieve.

pen iconPut your most important messages first. The less important can be included further down the copy.

pen iconEach paragraph should contain only one idea.

pen iconNever use a long word when a diminutive (short one) will do.

pen iconIf in doubt, consult the experts – dictionary, thesaurus, style guide or grammar book.

pen iconDon’t pepper your copy with jargon, use words people will generally understand.

pen iconDon’t worry about starting at the beginning if you find it difficult to get going. Start where you feel most comfortable. You can go back to the beginning later.

pen iconDon’t expect to be able to produce usable copy in your first attempt. In order to hone your writing you may need to make quite a number of changes. Ask for feedback from other people, particularly if the communication is important.

pen iconFinish with a call to action – something you want your audience to do/know/feel.Paragraphs should be no longer than two sentences.Sentences should be as short as possible — aim for 25 words. Check, check and triple check your work.