Word Wizard

Introducing Lynnaire Johnston – the Word Wizard

Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard.

Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, explaining how headlines can help a business get noticed.

Where the spoken word is crucial to effective telephone communication, the written word is vital for successful marketing.

Working with companies to ensure their marketing stands out from the crowd is Word Wizard Lynnaire Johnston’s passion.

She works in two areas: as a copywriter producing marketing material for companies and as a trainer, teaching staff to write accurately and well.

As a former journalist, broadcaster and editor, she believes strongly in the power of the written word.

“The right words expressed in the right way can elevate a company ahead of its competition but, also, poor writing has the opposite effect – undermining a company’s marketing efforts and sabotaging its reputation.”

With her business partner, Matthew Mewse the Telephone Man, she developed the Super Size Your Sales marketing program, and co-wrote a business book of the same name.

Together, they conduct workshops, hold joint seminars and present at conferences and events.

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