Writing Skills Training

Is Poor Writing Losing You Business?

  • Are your staff emails full of mistakes?

  • Does your website fail to bring in new customers?

  • Is your marketing not delivering results?

When the emails your staff send are hard to understand because of poor spelling, punctuation or formatting, or they don’t understand email etiquette your reputation takes a hit.

When your website isn’t easily found in Google searches, and your pages are boring or confusing, people won’t buy from you.

When your brochures or flyers are feature-oriented, rather than benefit-driven, you drive potential clients away.

How To Solve Poor Writing Problems

There are certain rules or ways of writing that can help you stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t follow them, you are likely missing out on business that would otherwise be yours.

If your staff don’t know these rules or don’t use them in their writing you are leaving money on the table.

If their writing is confusing, rambling or filled with mistakes, they risk offending or alienating both existing and potential clients.

Training them will eliminate this risk.

At Super Size Your Sales we design and deliver writing training courses – workshops or seminars – tailored to each company’s need.

If your staff are weak in their basic punctuation or grammar, we concentrate on that.

If they need help with the specific marketing formats such as web pages, press releases, email marketing, newsletters etc, we help with that.

Photo of Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, training staff.

Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, understands that competently written marketing material has a huge impact on sales success.

All writing training courses are devised and delivered by Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, an international copywriter who developed the Super Size Your Sales marketing program with Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man.

You can download free tips and techniques for more effective writing from the Free Writing Resources page on this website.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of training for your staff, please email Lynnaire or phone her on 027 492 6470.