How to Combine Skillful Telephone Sales Techniques with the Power of Good Writing to Achieve Business Success

Super Size Your Sales is a marketing programme that uses proven telephone sales and telemarketing skills plus the power of the written word to significantly increase the number of customers who buy from you.

One technique is to uncover the business hidden inside your database. Watch this short video to see how:

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Combining the Power of the Phone and Pen

Every organisation does business by phone in some form – whether that is incoming phone calls, outbound cold calls or customer care programmes. This is known variously as telesales, telesales, telemarketing, telemarketing or just plain telephone sales.

Likewise, every organisation uses written material to promote its products or services (known as copywriting). These materials range from websites and social media to press releases and sales letters.

Few businesses, however, realise the importance of using the phone and the pen together to add success to their bottom line.

In a Super Size Your Sales programme, we show you exactly how to achieve greater business success simply by dovetailing the two into a seamless marketing strategy. Find out more about how you can Super Size Your Sales.

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Find out more about how you can Super Size Your Sales.