Cold Calling Rules!

Cold Calling Rules! – How to Succeed at Cold Calling in the Internet Age

Cold Calling Rules! New book from Super Size Your SalesMany people seem to think that cold calling is an ineffective way of generating new business opportunities and just doesn’t work anymore. There may be some truth to this, especially if one goes about it in old-fashioned, outmoded ways.

The image of a frustrated sales professional chained to the desk, phone in hand, droning out a badly written script to a long list of cold leads and getting nowhere is still a common reality in many sales organisations. As is sending out bulk stand-alone direct mail, emails and newsletters then sitting back hoping and waiting for the phone to ring.

So, is cold calling as useless nowadays as so many people seem to claim?

Absolutely not!

When you adapt the changes in technology and market forces to a modern cold calling campaign, they can be used to gain advantages that were never available in years gone by.

In this short, easy-to-print e-book we outline tried and tested methods to build a successful cold calling campaign in the internet age.

Cold Calling Rules! is written by Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man and Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, Cold Calling Rules! is the third book in the Super Size Your Sales series.

In Cold Calling Rules! we cover such topics as:

  • The psychology of cold calling
  • Preparation and research
  • The 3-step cold calling system
  • Handling screeners
  • Writing scripts and call guides
  • Appointment setting
  • Post-call follow-up

Who Should Buy Cold Calling Rules!?

Sales professionals, callers and anyone seeking to create new business by following a proven system that combines the power of the phone and pen to create a successful cold calling campaign. Buy it today for just US$4.95 (NZ$6.99).

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