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Introducing Telephone Skills Trainer, Matthew Mewse – The Telephone Man

Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man, is an accomplished presenter and trainer.

Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man, is an accomplished presenter and trainer.

Matthew is an international expert in business-by-phone. His proven knowledge of telephone technique is unparalleled.

He knows how to overcome objections, craft winning sales scripts and train people in never-fail telephone techniques. He has made hundreds of presentations and speeches, and is acclaimed as an expert keynote speaker. His approach is high energy and humorous.

Matthew has honed his skills over many years working in the finance, insurance, charity, telecommunications, coaching, beauty therapy and business leadership industries.

He has passed on his skills and techniques to thousands of call center staff, field sales staff and trainers of business-by-phone. His sales scripts have earned millions of dollars in additional revenue for the companies using his methods.

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Matthew Mewse, the Telephone ManMatthew is a popular conference, seminar and keynote speaker – who uses his skills, expertise and sense of humor to educate, inform and entertain. He also conducts workshops and trains staff in specific business-by-phone topic areas including overcoming objections, delivering winning sales scripts, and generating appointments and sales.

He works with small and large groups, along with call centre managers to create and implement highly successful, tailor-made programs for their organizations.

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