Matthew Mewse Profile

Introducing Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man

No matter what part of the world you do business in, and no matter what the latest technological advances, the most commonly used sales tool is still the telephone.

Its use is so pervasive that today almost everyone carries a phone wherever they go. Yet very few people know how to make the most of this humble tool; how to use it to get what they want, be it information, an appointment or a sale.

But Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man knows how. An international expert in business-by-phone, his proven knowledge of telephone technique is unparalleled. He knows how to overcome objections, craft winning sales scripts, create valuable call guides and train people in never-fail telephone technique.

Matthew has made hundreds of presentations and speeches at both large and compact venues, and is highly acclaimed as an expert keynote speaker because his approach is high energy and humorous. His techniques help companies gain new business, retain clients and increase sales.

Skill and Experience

Matthew has honed his skills over many years, starting out as a caller and rising through the ranks to become both a national and international call centre manager. He has a solid background in and understanding of many industries from finance and insurance, through to real estate and telecommunications.

As the Telephone Man, Matthew has shown over the last 16 years he is the go to specialist for companies wanting to create better business-by-phone for both inbound and outbound call handling. He teaches telephone skills and technique to thousands of callers, field sales people and trainers of all types for whom the phone is vital. His sales scripts and call guides have earned millions of dollars in revenue for companies using his methods and training programmes and every year he shares these techniques through workshops and presentations.

Want to see how Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man can help you in your business? Email him to organize a chat.