Overview of Super Size Your Sales

Do You Want to Super Size Your Sales?

(An overview)

Does this happen to your clients or customers? They receive a sales call from your company during which they request information. If or when that material arrives it doesn’t answer their questions and is generic material that bears no relation to the phone conversation they had with you.

This disconnect between phone calls and follow-up marketing material happens all the time because attention is not paid to what customers want or need. Sales are lost and customers go elsewhere because there is no cohesion between written marketing material and telephone sales calls.

This may happen for a number of reasons. The calling team may be separate from the marketing communications team, the company may not have the resources to put into communications, or it simply may not understand the importance of dovetailing the written and verbal aspects of marketing.

The Solution

Telephone sales specialist, Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man, has teamed up with marketing communications specialist Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, to show businesses how to combine the power of the pen with skillful telephone technique to boost business.

Their marketing program, Super Size Your Sales, helps companies to gain more business by attracting – and retaining – new customers. It has been implemented by companies of all types and sizes, with huge success.

The business book, Super Size Your Sales, explains how to combine the phone and the pen to increase sales.

The business book, Super Size Your Sales, shows you how to combine the power of the phone and the pen to increase your sales.

On the back of this success, Matthew and Lynnaire wrote the business book, Super Size Your Sales. In it, they offer simple and easy to follow copywriting and business-by-phone tips and techniques.

The book shows you how to use the two together to form a highly effective marketing strategy that gets results.

This website has details about the book, an opportunity for you to buy it and free resources you can use in your marketing and telephone calling programs.