Obtaining a Prospect’s Name on a Cold Call

What's Your Name?

How to Get a Prospect’s Name During a Cold Call Without the Barriers Going Up!

When making a cold call, it’s important that you only make your full presentation to the right person, the one who has authority to say yes to you. However, you might not know the name of the decision-maker, especially if it’s a small business, so it’s a good idea to check first before you launch into the presentation.

Here’s an example of how to do this that you can adapt to your own calling:

Open your call with a variation of:

Hello, this is Matthew … I wonder if you could help me? Could you tell me who looks after all your advertising and promotions for your company, who would that be, please?

Some companies will give you the information without any fuss, but what if they respond with: 

Oh, right – that would be me!

You will always build better rapport if you can use a prospect’s name during the call but how and when you ask for their name is important to prevent barriers going up or feathers being ruffled.

Whenever this situation occurs, try doing this:

First, press on with your introduction. Explain who you are, where you’re from, the reason for the call and then deliver the “hot-button” question.

When and if a prospect responds well, try this:

Well, I’m glad I rang you today! As I mentioned earlier, my name is Matthew … Who am I speaking to, please?

Usually, because you’ve repeated your name and then asked a direct question, they’ll respond with their name! No barriers go up, it’s simple and it works. Now, acknowledge their good manners by using their name and then carry on with your call.

Thank you, (prospect’s name) … You see the reason

Now you can use their name throughout the presentation and when it feels right in the call guide. Not only does this build rapport but also helps build a stronger connection with the prospect.

Adapted from our business development book “Cold Calling Rules!

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