Super Size Your Sales Launched

By Lynnaire Johnston, Word Wizard

It has been some considerable time in the gestation, but the first marketing book on how to combine effective written marketing material with proven telephone technique to boost sales has finally made it into print.

The idea for the book came after we received a phone call from our electricity supplier trying to sell us telecommunications services. When the promised follow-up material arrived it bore no resemblance to the information we requested, nor did it in any way alleviate the concerns we voiced during the call.

That got us thinking!

If a national organization didn’t understand the importance of dovetailing written material with the content of a telephone sales call to ensure a seamless sales process, it seemed highly likely other companies were missing this key ingredient in their marketing recipe, too.

When we thought about our various clients, we began to understand this was happening much more often than we’d realized. Businesses weren’t consciously dovetailing their written communications with their telephone calling.

Given that Matthew’s skills are in telephone sales and mine are in copywriting, there seemed to us there was an information gap we could fill.

The result – our book, Super Size Your Sales – we are proud to introduce via this website.

We know you don’t have the time to read a War and Peace-length tome, nor are you likely to care for an overly  technical manual. We have therefore kept Super Size Your Sales short (just 110 pages) and easy to read. You won’t find it full of jargon or technical terms that are difficult to understand. We explain what we mean simply and clearly, and provide you a model you can follow to set up your own marketing strategy using the pen and the phone.

To begin with we are offering Super Size Your Sales in two formats – softcover book and ebook. We’ll have it available for ebook readers such as Kindle and Kobi soon.

Information about what’s in the book can be found here. Pricing and other purchasing information is right here. We invite you to potter about the website and discover other information you might find useful – including the free resources we offer here.

Here’s to super sizing your sales. Enjoy!


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